that one time- Comps, panoramas, timing, and rain...
Thought you might enjoy seeing a bit of the work I do here. To the left are two photos of a LARGE comp I cut out, tiled, and adhered together. For a bit of scale, there is a normal sized magazine to the right of the pictures- thats right.. HUGE. Below we start with a pano I took a few days after first visiting the galleries. The 11th floor gallery was closed until Thursday for their new exhibition opening, so I went back on Thursday, saw a most amazing piece of art/science that I will write about later- but they had a rooftop reception party, twas a beautiful day and took advantage of being so high up. Next we have another subway sleeping shot, it's been a little harder than I imagined it would be to sit across from the sleepy. I need to pay more attention when stepping onto the train, work on my 'potential pass outs' vision. The following two images are my impeccable timing of photographing the gymnastic feat of doing a front flip over three people. Snapshot just before the jump.. and just after... of course. Last two shots took play on Monday when I attempted to visit the NY Public Library on a rainy day.. but it just so happens to be closed on Mon. - So had fun people watching instead.

i /think /im /done /with /dates /05-Galleries and galleries oh my...

Big day on the Chelsea gallery circuit. Actually I only hit up one building, but there were 11 floors of galleries in it, thus I hit quite the jackpot. On the left we have the awesome art of Ron English, as seen in Super Size Me. (1) A very cool surreal painting by Murs1, (2-4) some very cool oil paintings I was quickly drawn to by Susan Howes Stevens. I saw one on the wall, inquired about it- and they pulled out two others- such an awesome palette of color. (5-6) are from a sound installation in the bitforms gallery by Jeff Talman. He is based in NY and Boston, so my quest to track down his info and visit the studio has begun. (7-8) Such a neat idea by Liliana Porter, though I am not too sure how one might purchase the work... does she come to the purchasers house and get to play with crayon on their nice clean walls? I'd let her. (9-10) One of a large series of handbags woven from cigarette packs and stamps, I did not write down the artists name though... but surely I will return to the gallery another time, and will make note of it. Last but not least, (11) was a very interesting display of bird like glass forms, very well lit.

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6/something/05 - BMA Left overs...
(I think im writing too much... oh well)

Alrighty.. I had a few more pictures from the Brooklyn Museum, that I either forgot to post, or chose not to, inorder to keep the layout nice and slick.. that's right.. cause keeping things nice and neat is how we do it on here. In real life.. quite the opposite.. in which i really need to take some photos of our apartment. Either fortunately or un- both Cass and I have very little problem with being cluttered. I suppose she lets it get to her more, as she complains about the mess blocking her decision making abilities, as well as motivation.. yet she does not do too much to fix this problem.. Perfect catch 22 on our hands.... messiness keeps the motivation to a minimum, while that very motivation is needed to do anything about the situation. Such a viscous cycle we find ourselves in... and I have gone WAY off topic, as I have no pictures to really relate to this.. damn... i will get some! I realized ive only shown pictures from our window view.. rather than interiors.. what gives? Am I hiding anything?... I dont think so... i suppose its the scene i am seeing every day/night- so it has not caught my eyes off guard demanding a photo.. hm I'll slip in some photos of the cat.. which were shot in the apartment.. semi close bridge? Ok first to our left we have a rather funny sign posting on a door in the basement of the museum. Next we have the ever so cool retro turntable designed by John Vassos in 1935, dubbed the "RCA Victor Special" Portable Phonograph. Next we have the ever so cute and bi-polar Ms. 'Ruby'. One minute she is snuggling up against your leg, looking for some pet loving... which interestingly enough takes place when her food bowl is empty. Try to pet her when she has a full plate of food while she dominates a box, or lays about the floor standing watch in the kitchen... and you'lle get your damn hand clawed off. A few minutes of watching Cass 'play' with Ruby, will give quick insight as to where this defensive on off behavior comes from. The photo on the bottom is the can claiming territory over a recently shipped box of mine. It wwwwas the perfect size for holding my collected records here.. but the cat liked it so much.. sooo.. yeah. As far as cats go, shes a damn cool one... but... I gotta say dogs are better!

6/19/05 - Brooklyn Museum of Art and Botanical Gardens...
Went to the Brooklyn Museum of Art... Which had some amazing prints from London as part of a special exhibit for Claude Monet's time and paintings of London- Unfortunately... no picture allowed there. However up on the 3rd floor, there were these most awesome tubes running throughout part of an exhibit, also closing off one of the elevators. I soon found out they were there for a wedding reception that was taking place, in which there would be so many guests, they paid for two or four trucks to run outside pumping their own air conditioning into that floor of the museum.

Next I walked across the street to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, which is huuuge and amazing. First shown here is a view of the Jananese Pond and Garden, as well as a blury shot of the coy fish, that move too damn fast! (1) a rabbit running through the bushes, that I thought was soo cool, but quickly realized if I were a gardener on the premisis, I would most likely be sporting a pitch fork in my right hand, angled at a downward stabbing posit- but I'm not, so s/he was cute. (2) a big bush, that I could have sworn was on hiatous from The Muppets... Then we have (3) our pair of red flowers, attempting to escape the indoor terrerium. (4) We have a very cool aloe (?) plant, (5,6) a beautiful orange and red with yellow tip plant (my attention to details.. and names is uncanny). (7,8) If you did not have the window in the background of the next picture, I am not sure if you could tell that this is a Bonsai... which I can't help but think of either shrunken head, or miniture pony... how do they do it?? Also some Bonsai Bamboo. (9) This was the dark shady garden, that reminded me oh so much of a hike in Northern California... yet somehow here in Brooklyn, NY. (10) Last I heard Lisa said it's over for good... (11) Bill was quickly fired after his suggestion of a common plant was later found to be antisocial. (12) At end of day headed to Park Slope for dinner, and while walking towards subway, I found this great icecream wall, where again after getting one, I found it very hard to take pictures at the same time... oh third arm where are you??
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6/18/05 - Last but not least...
First we gotta finish up with a photo from the night before... after the show, I hit up a small bar that offered $5 pint's of Guiness and a free small pizza while projecting cult films on the wall, Capone's... Strangely I was the only one there.. though I guess it was a little too early for the masses. I left that place and headed up to Standup NY on 86th and Broadway... made it just before the last act of the 8pm show, and slipped in for the price of a drink (no cover wahoo) - convinced them to let me stay for the next set with purchase of 2 drink minimum... with tax/tip it was $19 for two Bass Ale's... FROM THE BOTTLE- no keg.. but bottle.. and this is the part where I crack up into hysterical laughter? We're not in Chico anymore! Bah- without paying heavy cover charge.. it was a steal. The comedians were damn funny.. I gotta look online for their names- as I had it down for a little while, then they slipped past me. As an added bonus for you all.. here is a vertical panorama of where I work, taken from the Manhattan MOMA on Friday. Enjoy.

6/18/05 - 1st Annual Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival...
The other week at FatBeat Records.. I got a pair of free tickets (free to all... I'm not special... well I am... but-) for the 1st annual Brooklyn Hippity Hop Festival, an all day event on Saturday. I only knew of one group playing.. Brand Nubian (pictured second down), but I also caught Little Brother (pictured above), who was really good. Hosted at the Brooklyn Brewery courtyard, which hosted a very delicious porter ale, but I quickly realized it's hard to take pictures and hold a beer at the same time, so my drinking was put on hold for documentation priorities, enjoying the event was a solid third in line... aha ha. Jackson Brown was painting a mural to the side of the stage, bringing another form of art to the event. As I listened and 'sholder shrugged' to the flows, I had a grand time watching other photographers at the even, including this one with an assistant, who was constantly snapped at for holding the flash pole incorrectly. A quick shot of the masses... and my two 'poor them' shots. First the flashpole holding assistant, who was forced to sit right infront of the tower of speakers for all of Brand Nubian's set... without any ear plugs in... her fault or his? I'm sure she will keep a pair in her bag next time. Lastly the poor older gentleman who lived in the building just behind the stage, who sat looking at the madness with unexcited eyes. Unfortunately I had no telephoto with me, so you can BARELY see him.. but he IS there... suffering... Although the event ended at 7pm (weak.. i know).. so his pain was not long. It was great walking around the neighborhood of Williamsburg to the event, it was most awesome to hear the halfsecond and second long echoes caused from warehouse reflections. It did quite an excellent job of causing me to walk a bit of a detour to find the place.