Galleries with Taylor

Went to Deitch projects galleries with Taylor... first four shots are all from Barry McGee's 'amaze'ing installation. Recreated bathroom complete with graf artist animotronics.. from people that he created. Arms moving from side to side to give illusion of seeing them in the act. third picture is a detail shot of the second photo. The following three pictures are from the artist Swoon out of Brooklyn... who did these awesome 4-5 foot tall woodblock and papercut images.. my photos hardly do it justice. Next photo is from a small graffiti and wheatpost wall that was located just outside the galleries. To the side of that is the lovely ms Taylor,who i met through danielle when she came to visit us both. Last but not least is an out of order picture, taken from Gus's Pickles - actually not out of order... as I took it the following day! Located near Essex St. - They make a mean dill pickle!

Man & dog, the MET, and ripoff chairs oh my...

So walking to the subway I passed the observing dog window, and there looking out the window was his owner and hound. Had to ask to take the shot- got it.. even had it printed later that day, and gave him a copy. He thanked me for it, asked if i had wanted any money.. after saying no.. he asked if i could please move his bag of trash from the door out to the curb... The next four photos were taken in the NY Met. Boy drawing armor... armor looking down upon thee.. two people representing the argument of picasso vs braque.. which painting is which?? And my special limited edition New York sticker.. which was a fun handout.. girl at the desk saw my book, commented on how she liked the sticker and it reminded her of the matiese work that was up.. later when walking through musuem and reaching 2nd floor i looked down and BAM theres the sticker.. so had to document. BIG ol line of people: all waiting for the lottery 12 tickets for the musical WICKED- good luck everyone. Tears were had, shouts of joy were heard, and dissapointment filled the air. Few days later walking along Central Park with Sam.. passed this cheuffer who had a very smart way to pass the time away. Below that set, starts with a shot of Ali sporting a very very cool Mies van der Rohe ripoff chair that we found on the curb, and carried back to her humble studio. Next to that is the very creative entreupenuraship (very misspelled)- of water being sold to the 2nd story of a tour bus. Last, a very relaxing cell phone conversation.

DJ Spooky and 5 Pointz

Won tickets from FlavorPill - to see a DJ Spooky hosted mixmash of great artists. The first picture is a very cool camera rig used to document the whole concert, it made extremely smooth pans around and over the musicians. Below, is Dj spooky cueing some music on his...ahem.. CD decks...*cough*.. i am a lame hater.. he was a vinyl guy.. what happened? Below that- MC5 rocks the house. The following five picts are from a place called 5 Pointz, located at Jackson Ave. and Crane st.- which happens to be just across the street from P.S.1 contemporary museum in Queens, NY. Last photo is getting some desert in Parkslope at the resturant Sam was working at... some particularly cool lighting on the table.

Chelsea art and beer, wooosh, and bang on a can...

Gallery hopped, and found this very cool piece by David Moreno, simply using speakers playing a particular frequency, with slinkies attached to the cone, a very nifty visual sound was created. Pure genius. After galleries, I felt it necessary to track down this brewery of Chelsea I had heard of, and had myself a pint. T'was fun getting to see fancy boats dock and hear the 'WHHHAP' of golf balls being hit from the driving range just to my right. Giacometti, easily my favorite sculptor, with such elongated rough figures. Second to last photo, left me wondering, why does someone need to be listening to the audio tour, when looking at a canvas of red... oooh wait, theres a white line through it.. *WHOOSH* over my head. Finally a snap from this most amazing night of music by two Ubekistanies, hosted at Tonic, and put on by Bang On a Can Allstars. My concept of banging on a can, has been forever altered.