Free carwashes for all!

Ok, so I have shown very little on here in regards to photos of my housing or work, why you ask? Because I was working on putting together a little slideshow of what a day was like for me (the days that i worked)- walking to subway, riding it, walk from subway to work, walking through work, sitting, eating during lunc- no no, didnt quite go that far... well some technical difficulties (laziness?) have postponed that project. However a few fancy nuggets did come of that short series, including these subway photos, of the train arriving, passing by, and my local subway station- a family just about to enter it. Ooh and of course, exiting it. Hm I shall now rearrange the order of photos to go 'enter, arriving, passing, exiting'- but I do not want to rewrite the text, so instead I will babble on about my actions... After the subway shots, it has been discovered that some people do not wish to have their photo taken while they are ironically sending photos of a person to someone else... hmm. Later that night we went to the Upper East Side.. UES if yer hip.. so i shall refer to it as the Upper East Side... where a fire hydrant was ruptured.. accident or purposefully, it was quite a scene to witness. Free carwashes were had by many. Ali so kindly subjected herself to my detour en route to track down the Sienfeld diner, located at 112th St. and Broadway - inside was not as I had hoped... damn LA studios.. but the outside brought back so many fond tv moments for me. Next time you see the show.. look at how they crop the word toms... pretty tricky.

random goodies

On my last full day, I finally made it out to Coney Island! There was a big recruiting stand in the middle of a street entrance to the boardwalk.. and it was quite grand to see the stickers one had placed on this booth of prey. Ironically enough, just around the corner was 'Shoot the Freak'- live human target that you can shoot, and he wont shoot back! - Pay for X number of paintball rounds.. and hit this poor kid suited up in football gear and helmet, running around a small course. Some people had some damn good aim, and after a few shots they would yell "Clear your mask!... We won't shoot!" - They held their word and thankfully for us, the spectators, after he wiped his mask, we got to see their well honed aim pelt the freak inbetween the eyes. Had to have a Nathan's original dog, from the original stand... *checking sound*- off my list of things to do. While walking home from a most EXCELLENT meal with me roommate Chris, at Balthazar (hoohaa), we passed this fancy store, which had the most interesting interior. Were we looking in.. or were we looking out?? Woah. Unfortunately I do not think I took a photo of Cass picking me up from the airport, but I must search.. as here is a shot on the drive on the way *sniffle* to the *snort* airport, on the *breakdowncrying* way home. Finally last but not least on this whole site, after getting home, I drove up to Tahoe to meet some very tanned parents for a nice relaxing readjusting to california time/pace week. Thank you all so very much for following my adventures, I hope they were enjoyable from a 3rd perspective. Please email me with any questions, comments, criticisms, complaints, rants/raves, or if you are just feeling lonely and want someone to listen. Coming soon.... Summer '06 - Ted packs his camera and documents the hip planet Mars.